Oven Cleaning Company Advice – Foods You Should Avoid for a Clean Oven

Oven Cleaning Company Advice - Foods You

Anyone who’s ever cooked will understand the concept of a messy meal. One of those meals – like a Sunday roast – that contains lots of fatty and greasy foods that creates a ton of washing up to do and leaves your oven needing a lot of TLC. Certain foods can do this, whereas other foods are a lot easier and cleaner to deal with.


Cook with messy food on a regular basis and you’ll soon need the best oven cleaning Hertfordshire  companies are able to offer. So to help you in this regard, we now look at the foods you should be avoiding – if you can – so that you know which are likely to leave a lot of grime and grease behind.


Messy Food #1 – Pizza


Pizzas are one of the most popular foods on the planet, as they’re tasty and really quick and convenient to make. Sadly, they can also be amazingly messy, with warm mozzarella cheese oozing off in every direction! Often pizzas are placed straight onto the racks of the oven (we’ve all done it!), which can make the mess even worse!


Messy Food #2 – Grilled Sausages


Sausages are called ‘Bangers’ in the UK for a reason, as they’re prone to popping loudly and spitting fat everywhere when they’re cooked. Where does is all this fat go? That’s right, all over the inside of your oven and when that happens, you’re likely to need to look online for an oven cleaner near me.


Messy Food #3 – Roast Dinner


We’ve mentioned it already in this blog, but it has to go on our list because roast dinners are one of the messiest meals you can make. This is especially the case when talking about Christmas dinner, as there are even more roasted vegetables, pigs in blankets and potatoes that can spit fat all over the inside of your oven.


Messy Food #4 – Grilled fish


Fish a really healthy part of any diet, however, the cooking process can leave a lot of mess behind in your oven. Fish is known as being a very oily foodstuff, so when you grill it, it’s likely to coat the inside of your oven with it as it heats up. It’s why some people prefer to bake their fish inside foil to prevent that from happening.


Messy Food #5 – Lasagna


Another incredibly messy food for your oven to deal with is the Italian delicacy that is lasagne. Containing lots of soft or runny cheese that can easily spill out during the cooking process, lasagne can really create havoc inside your oven – particularly after it dries and hardens in place. It’s a food that can really test your cleaning powers!


The Finest Oven Cleaning Buckinghamshire  Companies Can Provide


There are some really tasty foods out there, but they often come along with the hard work of cleaning up afterwards. We know that this information won’t stop you cooking these foods, but it might make you take a precaution or two to minimise the mess. At OziClean, we have years of experience in oven cleaning, so we know exactly how difficult it can be to get a messy oven spotless!


If you’re looking for the best oven cleaning Bedfordshire  and home counties companies can offer, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. Our dedicated team has the expertise and know-how to return your oven to its former glory and our prices are really competitive too! If you want to find out a little about us, head over to and take a look around.


However, if you’re in urgent need of an oven clean and you want to talk to us to book an appointment, give our friendly team a  FREE call on 0800 772 0648 and we’ll do everything we can to find a suitable time slot that fits in with your schedule. Thanks for reading. We’ll see you again soon with more hints, tips and advice from the home of spotless ovens.

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