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Top Quality Carpet Cleaning Services in St Albans

With dirt and pollution almost everywhere in the modern society, it’s quite easy for your carpet to get dirty and look unkempt. When this is not tackled as efficiently as possible, carpets tend to become a breeding ground for germs, mould, bacteria and other micro-organisms in either your home or place of work. With numerous people walking through your doors and series of dirt and pollution floating in the air looking for the best place to land, its pretty unimaginable the amount of dirt and debris your carpet traps along the way. When you consider the fact that most carpets are also intricately woven and spun, you’d realize why most carpets gets dirty quite easily and always prove a tedious task to clean. To get over this worrying challenge, all you need is a reliable carpet cleaning services in St Albans to return your carpet to the state it was when acquired to brighten your space.

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How much It Cost to have Professional Carpet Cleaning St Albans?

ServiceService Price (GBP £)
Single Bedroom£20
Double Bedroom£30
Lounge/Living Room/Dining Room£40
Double Living Room£60
Entrance /Hallway £15
Office/Commercial£1.50 sq/m
Small Rug£20
Large Rug£40
House/Flat - 1 Bedroom£90
House/Flat - 2 Bedrooms£130
House/Flat - 3 Bedrooms£150
House/Flat - 4 Bedrooms£180
House/Flat - 5 Bedrooms£210
Price List for all services

Discover the Oziclean’s Difference!

Here are a few reasons why we are St Albans’s top choice when it comes to delivering an impeccable carpet cleaning solutions.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Professional & Friendly Customer Support
  • Insured
  • Customer-Oriented Company
  • Great Attention to Details

Our recent work in St Albans 

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The services we offer as regards Carpet Cleaning in St Albans includes

As a professional cleaning company, our services goes beyond carpet cleaning. We also offer rug cleaning services, sofa cleaning services, upholstery cleaning services, oven cleaning services as well as dry carpet cleaning services to both homes and businesses in St Albans. So why hesitate? Let’s help you with the dirty works today!
  • Determining the carpet’s present condition
  • Dusting of the carpet manually
  • Dirt, dust and allergens total removal from the carpet
  • Carpet vacuuming
  • Application of environmental friendly and bio-degradable cleaning solution
  • Incorporation of highly effective cleaning solutions to remove all stains and spots
  • Shampooing of the carpet
  • Stains and spills pre-treatment
  • Odour removal as well as sanitization
  • Carpet protectors application
  • Carpet drying

Reviews from our customers


Rob Clough Avatar
Rob Clough
I had my rangemaster oven cleaned by Alex and the work carried out is fantastic. Better than expected. Alex phoned ahead to give notice that he’d be a little earlier than arranged. He even fixed my broken oven door, which was much appreciated. The oven was in a pretty bad state, but after around 45 minutes of work, it genuinely looked like a new oven. Really really pleased with the result and for a very fair price too. Thanks Alex and Oziclean!
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Karl Moritz Avatar
Karl Moritz
Alex arrived on time he was very professional and polite. My ovens now look brand new and a very good price!! 10/10 would definitely recommend
read more
Olly Margrave Avatar
Olly Margrave
Alex did a quality job on my oven today, highly recommend! Will be using him in the future. Cheers mate
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