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When was the most recent time you got your oven cleaned? Still thinking? Well, that’s because it’s probably been a while! If you've been searching for professional oven cleaning near you, it's probably been a while since your oven received a thorough cleaning while cooking for your family, getting set to host some special guests with some great oven-cooked meals or preparing to bake some cakes for an upcoming event, a clean and well maintained oven speaks a thousand words. However we all know making your oven spotlessly clean is a rather tedious, highly demanding and time consuming task. When the grease is proving too stubborn to remove, the headache develops, and even more so after spending hours cleaning only to discover it isn’t as clean as you’d like it to be. What’s more? The use of some regular cleaning products can significantly shorten the lifespan of your oven.
Premium Oven Cleaning Service

Pressurized Steam powered Oven cleaning

We are the only cleaning company in our area that offers oven cleaning with a pressurized steam cleaner that reaches temperatures up to 200ºC (celsius) and a pressure of 8 bar, as an additional premium service that can be added to any oven cleaning, extractor cleaning and hob clenaing service, as an extra.
This type of cleaning is suitable for very dirty ovens where you have to use chemicals to clean them. After cleaning with chemicals, we can apply cleaning with a presssurized steam cleaner, as the final step of cleaning, so that you can remove all chemical residues as well as possible and you can cook your dishes without worries that there will be chemical fumes or chemical residues on the walls of the oven.
The question is, why give yourself the heartache when you can simply hire the OziClean Professional Oven Cleaning Services to help make your oven sparkling clean and also prolong it’s lifespan?
Learn more about the benefits of hiring a professional oven cleaning company in your area.

Professional Oven Cleaning Prices

ServiceService Price (GBP £)
Pressurized Steam Cleaning£20 - Can be added as an additional to every Oven Cleaning Service
Single Oven£50
Single Oven Hob£10
Single Oven Extractor £10
Single Oven Grill£10
Double Oven £60
Double Oven Hob£20
Double Oven extractor£20
Range Oven£90
Range Oven Hob£30
Range Oven Extractor£30
Microwave Oven£10
*NOTE: Our minimum call out charge for Oven cleaning is £50 (the total payable if you book only one item).
Price List for all services
OziClean - Professional Cleaning Company

Why Choose Us?

  • World Class Cleaning Technicians
  • At Oziclean, we offer scheduled high quality oven cleaning services with the sole aim of helping you derive maximum benefits from your oven. To achieve this, we have put together a special team including only the best of the best cleaning technicians that are reliable and well-trained perfectionists with vast experience in their locker.
  • State-Of-The-Art Equipment
  • We incorporate only the best and latest machines and tools in our oven cleaning process. As a result, we are able to remove all types of stains and grease from your oven, grill and hobs, no matter how stubborn. Our advanced technology and products ensure that we are able to deliver optimum result as well as client satisfaction. What’s more? We offer you exceptional oven cleaning service at very affordable prices
  • Quality Oven Cleaning Choices
  • Our professionals have access to a couple of the most efficient and affordable oven cleaning options currently available in the market. We work extremely hard to ensure our customers get top notch oven cleaning choices which are worthy of both their time and money. Our professionals are able to guarantee an impeccable cleaning result with no destruction risk as they enjoy doing only what they know how to do best. Our approach to cleaning is tailored to suit the type of your oven, budget and cleaning needs. This covers all areas of the oven’s exterior and interior including the difficult-to-clean corners as well as the fanning blades located at the back of the oven. We pay a special attention when cleaning the delicate oven areas such as the glass window, heating elements, door gaskets and lots more.
  • Affordable Pricing
  • If you think you would need to cover an arm and a leg to get our top quality oven cleaning services - think again! We will never charge you ridiculous amount to get your oven spotlessly cleaned. Our excellent service delivery, punctuality, professionalism and average service costs stands us out as a truly top notch and affordable oven cleaning solutions provider. We have a flexible and week round servicing with booking hours which can be tailored to perfectly suit your daily schedule.

How Do We Work?

  • 1.After your booking has been confirmed we will arrive at the provided address in the quickest and most covenient time agreed by you considering traffic and any problems that may occur .
  • 2. Our trainned technician will then check / examine you oven for any damage or electrical faulties.
  • 3. Knowing there are no damages or electical faulties , we will begin by detaching / disassembling any oven components ( which are removable ) .Those detached components are then soaked into a dip gas tank fitted at the back of our vans filled with a special oven cleaning solution and temperature of 100ºC.
  • 4. The next step in the oven cleaning process is treating any build up grease and dirt or any food burned left after cooking surface by applying oven cleaning paste left for 30 mins. Then we use a special oven cleaning degreaser which helps and remove all grease residue in the oven.
  • 5. We then continue by detaching the oven door and thoroughly cleanse the glass oven door grease inside and out, before attaching it back again.
  • 6. This is then followed by the second to last step of the oven cleaning process. This step is crucial as we disinfecting your oven using our pressurized steam machine* which operates under 8 Bar pressure and water temperature of 200ºC.
  • 7. Finally , the last step of the oven cleaning service is to wipe, collect and remove any dirt or residue left in or out the oven and attach all oven components back.
  • 8. To complete all oven service our trained technician will finish off by attentively examining the oven again in front of the client making sure there are no overall damages or electrical faulties. This assures us and our client that the oven is in the best condition possible delivered back after cleaning service.
  • *Premium steam cleaning costs an extra £20

Working Process video

Our Vans and Equipment

Carpet Cleaning, Oven Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning

Oven Cleaning Services With A Difference - Let’s Get Started!

It’s time to save yourself some time, hassle and headache. No more endless searches looking for the best cleaning products in various shops to wipe off stubborn stains off your oven, no more worries that your oven isn’t looking good enough for that outdoor event and ultimately, no more scepticism about the possible outcome of the cleaning process. At Oziclean not only do we have the best cleaning supplies free from dangerous chemicals, but also well-versed employees who are able to eradicate all forms of pollution from your oven and give it a fresh looking appearance. Contact us today and give your oven the special treatment it truly deserves!
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Reviews from our customers

Customer Reviews

Rob Clough Avatar
Rob Clough
I had my rangemaster oven cleaned by Alex and the work carried out is fantastic. Better than expected. Alex phoned ahead to give notice that he’d be a little earlier than arranged. He even fixed my broken oven door, which was much appreciated. The oven was in a pretty bad state, but after around 45 minutes of work, it genuinely looked like a new oven. Really really pleased with the result and for a very fair price too. Thanks Alex and Oziclean!
Karl Moritz Avatar
Karl Moritz
Alex arrived on time he was very professional and polite. My ovens now look brand new and a very good price!! 10/10 would definitely recommend
Olly Margrave Avatar
Olly Margrave
Alex did a quality job on my oven today, highly recommend! Will be using him in the future. Cheers mate
4.9 Stars - Based on 239 User reviews
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Frequently Asked QUestions About OziClean's oven cleaning

Oven Cleaning FAQ

We use steam cleaning to make your ovens sparkle like brand new. Our steam machines* use water under 8 bar pressure (0.8Mpa), reaching 200ºC. It's easy to extract dirt and grease from your oven with our pressurised dip gas tanks. Our equipment allows us to do most of the oven cleaning activities outside your home, preventing unwanted mess and property damage.
*Premium pressurized oven steam cleaning costs an extra £20
You know it's time you hire professional services to clean your oven when:
• it starts smoking or giving off an unpleasant smell or odour
• you're settling into a new home
• you're vacating your rented apartment
• the grime in your oven gets too strong for your household cleaning products
How long it takes to clean an oven depends on the size of the oven, the dirt level, and any additional services. However, the average cleaning time would be 1 hour.
Yes, AGA ovens need cleaning. Although AGA ovens help to clean themselves by carbonising cooking spills and splashes, which you can easily wipe off, a time will come when you'll need to do some deep cleaning. If you've not been cleaning up your AGA's enamel coatings and hot plates immediately after spills, they will eventually get messy.

Also, at some point, your AGA's cooking compartments will accumulate enough food particles and grease to require thorough cleaning. This thorough cleaning is necessary to ensure the optimal performance and proper hygienic condition of your AGA.
While a dirty oven poses no significant health hazards, it causes inconveniences and could pose some risks, which may include:
• Food poisoning: Too much grime in your oven can make it slow your cooking and render your meals undercooked, leading to food poisoning when consumed.
• Changes in the taste of food: Grease accumulation can cause your oven to emit smoke, which may affect the taste of your food.
• Pollutants: Dirty cookers can release pollutants into your home. Pollutants are generally bad for the health.
We offer the best pricing for our oven cleaning services. Our charges depend on your oven's size, as well as the number and condition of any additional items you'd like us to clean. You can get a more accurate answer by reading our Pricing Policy or reach out to us to Request a Quote.
This depends on how often you use it and the kind of food you cook with it. We recommend deep cleaning every six months. You might need to clean your oven more often if you use it almost every day or if your recipes involve foods that require more grease. It's best to give your oven quick wipes regularly so that deep cleaning becomes easier when it's time.
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We Are Able To Clean Every Oven Professionally

Our oven cleaners are experienced with all brands and models of ovens. They will have your oven looking and smelling like new in no time.
We Clean AEG Ovens
We Clean AGA
We Clean Beko Ovens
We Clean Miele Ovens
We Clean Rangemaster Ovens
We Clean Zanussi Ovens

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Areas We Cover

Areas We Cover

We provide our Oven cleaning services to the following areas 


Baldock, Bayford, Berkhamsted, Bishop’s Stortford, Borehamwood, Brickendon, Buntingford, Cheshunt, Cole Green, Great Amwell, Harlow, Harpenden, Hatfield, Hertingfordbury, Hertford, Hitchin, Hoddesdon, Hemel Hempstead, Knebworth, Letchworth, Much Hadham, Potters Bar, Radlett, Rickmansworth, Royston, Sawbridgeworth, St Albans, Standon, Stevenage, Tring, Ware, Watford, Welwyn Garden City


Ampthill, Arlesey, Barton-le-Clay, Bedford, Biggleswade, Caddington, Cople, Cranfield, Dunstable, Eaton Bray, Flitwick, Harlington, Houghton Regis, Husborne Crawley, Kempston, Leighton Buzzard, Lidlington, Linslade,  Potton, Pulloxhill, Sandy, Shefford, Stotfold, Toddington, Turvey, Willington, Woburn, Wootton

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