Terms and Conditions


The present terms and conditions are a contract between the Client and OziClean ltd. prior booking of any services  through the website, email or telephone and the use of our services constitutes an acceptance of the agreement .



The Client must provide an accurate description of the items needs cleaning . If the information provided to OziClean ltd. is incomplete or inaccurate , OziClean ltd. has the rights to make changes in the price on the same day of the service .

When the client requesting online quote , to answer in full the questions on the form and add all relevant information for the item / s needs cleaning . If not given in full  our customer service team will contact the customer back via  preferred / selected way , to obtain the information  needed to enable OziClean ltd. to provide the Client with  the best correct price for the service .

The Client must provide to OziClean ltd. technicians access to parking , running water and electricity to complete the service.

In  case the client property is a flat in a high building ,must be aware that if the building does not have a lift  OziClean ltd. technicians will not be able to carry all carpet cleaning equipment to the flat if more than three flights of stairs. The Client must be aware that for health and safety reasons OziClean ltd. technicians will not attend properties with metal stairs.

If the Client require carpet / upholstery cleaning should empty as much as possible the room/s to enable OziClean ltd. team to clean all carpet as well as to hoover all areas thoroughly on the day of the service prior to the technician arrival.

For health and safety reason OziClean ltd. technicians will not be moving any furniture around the client property .

Prior to the booking a confirmation email or text message will be send to the Client.



  • 3.1 Cancellations by Customer

 The Client must notify OziClean ltd. at least 24 hours prior the appointment if they wish to cancel or reschedule the booked service.

OziClean ltd. customer service team is very friendly and can understand that there may be cases and events beyond the Client control that may occur and short notice may be given ( emergency accidents, illness ,acts of God ect ) . In these cases the customer is to inform OziClean ltd. as soon as possible by phone call or email to enable them to re book reschedule the service.

Failing to provide any notice of cancellation or not present at the property to let OziClean ltd. technicians in the Client agree to pay the minimum cancellation fee of £50.

  • 3.2 Cancellation by OziClean ltd.

OziClean ltd. must not be accused of cancellation in the event of :

  • A technician / representative of OziClean ltd. being harassed , discriminated or bullied in any way.
  • Client does not provide access to the property, enough space for OziClean ltd. technicians to work- present builders or any other labourers in the property or lack of running water and electricity.
  • Client providing incorrect information regards the item/s needs cleaning , car park restrictions , building type ( if flat -what floor and is the lift in the building ).
  • Client did not pay the pre agreed bank transfer payment 24 hours prior to the booked service.
  • From time to time , events beyond OziClean ltd. control may occur and prevent us from attending the booked service ( floods, roads closures , accidents ,illness ,Acts of God ect ) .In such of circumstances OziClean ltd. may give a short notice of cancellation but will re book the service at the mutual convenient time.



The Client must be present at the beginning and at the end of any service booked with OziClean ltd.. The Client must give access to the property , by present at the technician pre work inspections ( discovering any faults , damages prior their work) and respectively after service to inspect the final result after cleaning . If there are any corrections to be made , it must discussed and done on the same day and time of the service.

When Client believes that OziClean ltd. has not provided the expected high standard of cleaning it must be reported as soon as possible , but not late than 24 hrs after the service.

A complaint can be made over the phone or by email provided on the website. It may takes up to seven days before OziClean ltd. respond to a complaint. If OziClean cannot respond to this compatible within these seven days, the customer will be refunded 30% of the price of the service if there are  irrefutable evidence - e.g photos.




Upon completion of the service the Client must  inspect the final result.
If the Client is not satisfied , OziClean ltd. will reclean the areas / items ( either missed or not up to the standard ) . During the re clean the Client must be present at all times.
An additional charge of £50 more will be applied if the re clean was not due to OziClean fault.



OziClean ltd. comply with the GDPR gov UK law.
OziClean ltd.  does not store / share any customer data ( bank details ,addresses , Client       names, contact numbers ect ) with any third parties! Anyone using the customer data  strictly follow the rules called DATA PROTECTION PRINCIPLES.

OziClean ltd. customer service team are certified  and  comply with the law of using the customer data information: fairly , lawfully , transparently and secure.



The customer must pay for any service due upon completion of the job.

OziClean ltd. has options for the client to make payments secure : Online via Stripe, by cash, credit/debit card at the same day and time of the service as we use SUMUP card readers which are contactless also or by bank transfer .

When the client choice is a bank transfer the payment must be made 24 hours prior to the service.



OziClean ltd. prices are calculated by :

The size ,the quantity , the condition of the items needs cleaning , as well as the location can play a role.
All items prices and services are available at the OziClean ltd. website  and the price list.

  • The minimum call out charge for carpet, upholstery, curtains and mattresses cleaning is £50.
  • The minimum charge of professional oven cleaning is £50.
  • Over the phone or via the quote request form OziClean ltd. calculating the price by information provided by the client.

By all means if the client does not provide accurate and full information during the request or booking of the service ,additional charges may apply on the day of the service or the price may be reduced.

Congestion / ULEZ charges will be added to the client invoice / pricing if applicable .



OziClean ltd. has a Public and Employer’s liability insurance which covers any accidental damages caused by an employee of OziClean ltd.. The insurance claim is only valid if reported on the day of the cleaning service.

  • 9.1 Both parties are to ensure that their respective responsibilities under this agreement are undertaken in compliance with all statutory regulationsand codes of conduct.
  • 9.2 The client agrees that any use of OziClean ltd. services including booking service over the phone , website forms or email constitute the client acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • 9.3 No variation of these terms and conditions shall be valid unless approved in writing by a director of the company.
  • 9.4 Unless other way agreed in writing by a director of the company , these terms and conditions shall prevail over any other terms of business or purchase conditions put forward by the client.
  • 9.5 OziClean ltd. reserves the rights to make any changes to any part of this terms and conditions without giving any prior notice. Any alterations will apply to new business , but not existing contract.



OziClean ltd. cannot be accused of :

  • 10.1  Not cleaning items or areas not mentioned during the booking process ( booked for cleaning ) .
  • 10.2  Not being able to proceed the service when water , electricity , car park not provided.
  • 10.3  Not be able to proceed the service due to other obstructions which OziClean ltd. does not have control over.
  • 10.4  Not being able to remove the stains or wear of fabric that becomes more visible / noticeable after dirt is removed or the client cleaned / treated themselves ,  unknown stains being on the carpet for a long time , made already damages on the carpet  ,before booking a service with OziClean ltd. .
  • 10.5  Shrinkage of carpet as result of poor fitting .
  • 10.6  Shrinkage of the carpet as result of nature fibre being wet cleaned.
  • 10.7  Emergency of any odour during and /or after cleaning when this is due to factors such as lack of ventilation and / or inappropriate heating.
  • 10.8  Carpets expanding or ripples foaming during and /or after cleaning when this is result of factor such as fibre content wear and rear , weak backing or poor fitting.
  • 10. 9  Damage due to faulty and / or improper installation of any item which is not under OziClean control.
  • 10.10  Damage on the oven become visible during the pre check or after removing the dirt . This can be old scratches from previous cleaning , missing screws or any loose.
  • 10.11  The company is to ensure that the client is verbally informed of this and a written confirmation prior to proceeding with the service will be required , any issues arising subsequently shall be the sole responsibility of the client.



OziClean ltd. reserves the rights to make any changes to any point of this terms and conditions . By booking any service with OziClean ltd. by telephone , email , website the client agrees with all company terms and conditions.


By Booking an Appointment, you agree to OziClean's  Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You consent to receive phone calls and SMS messages from OziClean ltd. to provide updates on your order and/or for marketing purposes. Message frequency depends on your activity. You may opt-out by texting "STOP". Message and data rates may apply.

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