How to get the most out of your vacuum cleaner attachments

How to get the most out of your vacuum cleaner attachments

Have you ever looked at your vacuum cleaner accessories and wondered just what they are
supposed to do?

Attachments are designed to help you complete a more thorough clean around the home,
reaching spots you may usually overlook. When used properly, these tools can save you lots
of time and effort usually spent dusting the areas of your home you would usually clean by
hand, rather than with a machine. Even the best vacuum cleaners on the market can benefit
from a little assistance from a specially-designed attachment.
We’ve compiled a list of four of the most useful vacuum cleaner attachments and highlight
just how you can get the most out of them.


Crevice tool

The crevice tool is long and thin, and is specifically designed to help eliminate dust and
allergens from the home. If it isn’t already, it is likely to become the most frequently used
attachment in your arsenal and for good reason, too. This tool is handy in a whole range of
tricky spots around your home, particularly where dust can build up quickly.
It can be particularly useful along thin surfaces such as skirting boards as well as hard to
reach corners. Not only does using this attachment create a cleaner home environment, it
can save you time on your cleaning routine, removing the need to move heavy furniture to
reach certain areas.

Turbo brush

Sometimes referred to as the power brush, this attachment offers a more powerful clean for
the high-traffic areas in your home. A turbo brush can be particularly useful if you have pets,
as it’s manufactured to pick up all the pet hairs and dirt that a standard vacuum head might
This attachment features its own rotating motorized brush to maximise cleaning power. This
will be especially beneficial in homes with lots of carpet, where dirt and hairs can collect
more easily.

Dusting brush

For any surfaces where dust can quickly accumulate, such as sideboards, shelves and
windowsills, use your vacuum’s dusting brush for the most thorough clean. The tool is
circular in shape with long bristles designed to lift dust from awkward surfaces.
The dusting brush is perfect for use around the more delicate areas of your home, since the
soft bristles won’t damage any fragile items. Often neglected features such as mirrors, glass
light fixtures or even wall art will all benefit from a once over with the dusting brush.

Extension wand

For high ceilings or hard to reach surfaces, attach the extension wand for a more thorough
clean. It is typically used in conjunction with another attachment, and is solely designed to
increase the reach of your vacuum cleaner.

This particular extension can make cleaning a much safer task, too. It will likely remove the
need for step ladders or other aids to access out-of-reach areas. Also, the extension wand
can help to put less strain on your body during the vacuuming process, since you won’t have
to stretch as much to complete the job.

The extension wand has more strings to its bow than its basic cleaning functions. If you drop
something small like an earring behind some furniture or upholstery, cover the head with a
thin material like tights and reach down to retrieve your lost possession.

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