What is Stevenage famous for?

What is Stevenage famous for

Stevenage is a town in Hertfordshire, England. Stevenage grew from an Anglo-Saxon settlement to a modern-day town that was expanded during the 20th century. Stevenage has been used as a filming location for several movies and TV shows, but what exactly is Stevenage famous for? The answer might surprise you! Stevenage is a top city for jobs, homes, and businesses, but you might not know that Stevenage also has many other areas where it shines.



More restaurants per capita

Stevenage is a town that has more restaurants per capita than nearly anywhere else in the UK, Stevenage offers amazing shopping experiences for visitors and residents alike. Stevenage’s population reflects its popularity as it is both young and old.


Low unemployment rate

Stevenage boasts an impressive unemployment rate of only 3.7% while still offering some of the best schools in England. For those who are seeking a fresh start, Stevenage offers one of the best places in England. This small town has an unemployment rate that’s less than half of what it should be for such as a large metropolis.


Healthy lifestyle options Stevenage

Stevenage gives you the best of both worlds: You can live in the countryside but still be close to everything that makes life easier too! Stevenage’s diversity means it provides excellent healthy lifestyle opportunities for all its residents as well as visitors which includes easy access to not only shopping centers like The Broadwalk or Stevenage Leisure Park. Also, the great health clubs so you can stay fit without any worries about your diet either.
Stevenage is the perfect place to get out into nature even though you’re still in a city. Stevenage offers many great parks like Brogdale, which was voted one of Hertfordshire’s best places for picnics and recreational activities because it provides an excellent natural habitat while Stevenage Town Park has everything from tennis courts to play areas with plenty of space to run around or walk your dog. There are also other great eco-friendly features Stevenage sports that make this town stand out as well.


Fantastic education opportunities

If you want healthy kids then Stevenage might be the right choice for you since there are so many options when it comes to educational pursuits too! Let’s begin by discussing how students can enjoy Stevenage’s many options for education.
Stevenage offers a variety of primary schools in the form of state, private and academies to fit all tastes while Stevenage secondary school is where students can go on to study A-levels or vocational courses that are specific to their interests like photography or engineering even though they might be attending different types of institutions beforehand since Stevenage has great cross academy partnerships with certain primary schools across Hertfordshire too.
Stevenage is a top destination for international students who are looking to study abroad. Stevenage also has peaceful parks and scenic views that make it the perfect place to visit whether you live here or not.


Art galleries

Stevenage also houses an impressive collection of art galleries and theaters both indoor and outdoor that are perfect for those who love taking in culture through different mediums like music which Stevenage hosts throughout the year. There are even other events happening all over town too!


Bottom line

Stevenage is a town located in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Stevenage was built after the Second World War so that there would be enough houses for people who lived in London to move out of the city. Stevenage includes Stevenage Old Town and Stevenage New Town. Stevenage is famous for its shopping mall, Stevenage Retail park, and its football club, Stevenage Borough. Stevenage is also famous for the Stevenage Arts and Cultural Trust Theatre, an arts center that’s home to many performances and events.

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Brian Wilkinson
1 year ago

Stevenage Borough not Stevenage United.

Lesley McDonald
11 months ago

Where is the canal??

11 months ago

There is no canal in stevenage. The other commenter is referring to a water way. A canal is a water way, not a person. There is no canal in stevenage.

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