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A well-maintained and healthy house or workplace must have a clean carpet. On the other hand, attempting to clean it yourself might be time-consuming and unpleasant. So, if you require expert carpet cleaning and reside in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, or Buckinghamshire, look no further than OziClean. We deliver both Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning services by satisfying highest standards possible!

Professional Carpet Cleaning company as OziClean is committed to supplying a safe and healthy atmosphere, which can reduce the stress associated with keeping your asset. But not all cleaning companies are equally good. While some, like us, go above and beyond to provide a truly healthy workplace, others may merely offer surface cleanliness.

Prior to beginning, the carpet is thoroughly inspected, dry soil is vacuumed up, spot stains are removed, pre-sprays are applied, the carpet is agitated, a powerful machine is used to extract the dirt, the carpet is raked, and, of course, the customer satisfaction is assessed.
We are proud that our clients rank us as one of the top professional carpet cleaning companies in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Cambridge.

Why OziClean?

Here are some reasons to choose us over other carpet cleaning companies.

Pay By Card/Online

All our carpet cleaning technicians carry payment terminals. Also you can pay by Paypal or Wire transfer.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We always give our best in carpet cleaning, and we always take responsibility for our customers.

Insured and Certified staff

All our staff is insured and highly qualified in carpet cleaning.

Fast FREE Quote

Fast FREE Quote performed over the phone, our website or email.

Superior Cleaning

We help improve your air quality by using a Elite 1200 - 1200psi Cleaning machine which is proven to remove 99.97% dust, dirt, bacteria as well as allergens in the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Services - Prices

See how much it will cost to professionally clean your carpet
ServiceService Price (GBP £)
Single Bedroom£20
Double Bedroom£30
Lounge/Living Room/Dining Room£40
Double Living Room£60
Entrance /Hallway £15
Office/Commercial£1.50 sq/m
Small Rug£20
Large Rug£40
House/Flat - 1 Bedroom£90
House/Flat - 2 Bedrooms£130
House/Flat - 3 Bedrooms£150
House/Flat - 4 Bedrooms£180
House/Flat - 5 Bedrooms£210
*NOTE: Our minimum call out charge for Carpet cleaning is £50 (the total payable if you book only one item).

Efficient and Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Services in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire - OziClean

At OziClean, our aim is not only to deliver value-adding cleaning solutions, but also to extend your carpet’s lifespan using mainly eco-friendly products targeted at making your carpet spotless. We are fully aware of the extent a dirty and messy carpet can go in affecting your health, mood and productivity. Thus, we bring to you the most efficient team when it comes to the highest degree of carpet cleaning services in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire - OziClean!
With vast experience, highly proficient workforce and advanced equipment, we represent the perfect carpet cleaning solutions partner for any project in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. We take pride in our ability to take on the most sophisticated tasks and make the cleaning process seem a breeze. We have consistently proven our standards in such a competitive industry and continue to set the carpet cleaning benchmarks in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

photos from the work process

Carpet Cleaning Service in HertfordshireCarpet Cleaning Services In HertfordshireCarpet Cleaning Services In Hertfordshire

Effortless Carpet Cleaning Solutions for Your Residential and Commercial Space - Call for a Free Estimate

Basically, we make your carpet cleaning hassles seem a breeze! And we’ll never rest until we are able to bring out the beauty in your residential or commercial space. Call us for more info and free estimate today!

Expert Commercial Carpet Cleaning Solutions - Keep Your Business Looking Fresh and Professional

Revitalize Your Carpets and Improve Your Business with Regular, High-Quality Cleaning Services

It’s not uncommon for most facility managers or business owners to completely overlook the need for some commercial carpet cleaning solutions in their facilities and offices. However more often than not, they’d realize that the carpets are looking a bit beat up, unclean, a wear pattern developing and becoming more obvious in the high traffic areas or perhaps a rather poor smell oozing out from the carpet. When this happens, it’s simply a no-brainer to consider hiring a commercial carpet cleaning expert who’s sole objective is to return your carpet to its old glory, making it look fresh, neat and as good as new.

Regular cleaning of your commercial carpet can, at times, be the difference between a nose-diving business and a successful one. Hence, a clean carpet and environment for customers should be made one of the core values of all commercial settings. A commercial carpet cleaning may not be a weekly requirement for your facility, but neither should it be made a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of service too. A regularly scheduled top quality cleaning service is what your carpet needs and also necessitated by your carpet’s warranty.

Partner With The Right Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Solutions Provider!

The benefits of hiring the services of a perfect carpet cleaners offers you a wide array of benefits. Firstly, a cleaning expert has enough experience to assess your needs and come up with a surefire strategy and recommendation that will perfectly suit your carpets, facility as well as budget. Be it a bi-annual deep cleaning with hot water extraction, scheduled periodic cleaning or just a fast cleaning of some high traffic areas, regardless of your needs you can always count on professional commercial carpet cleaners to work out a plan that truly works.

OziClean Can Help With Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Needs!

At Oziclean, we are strongly dedicated to delivering top notch commercial carpet cleaning solutions that are personalized to suit the needs of both you and your facility. Our expertise, powerful equipment and customer service values are second to none. We work extremely hard to deliver on our promise of an excellent service delivery and won’t leave until we’ve successfully improved your carpet’s appearance and lifespan, while also making sure your indoor air quality has been significantly enhanced. So why hesitate? Contact us today and watch as we help return your commercial carpet to its old glory!

Efficient and Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning Services - Oziclean's Professional Approach

Don’t you think it’s time to stop using the conventional steam cleaning approach for your dry carpet cleaning needs? Nobody likes sopping-wet carpets with a disgusting smell sitting right there in their homes or offices. Property owners call on Oziclean for a professional dry carpet cleaning services which effectively eradicate all dirt, stains and odours a lot better than steam cleaning. 

An interesting fact is, almost all the dirt in carpets is dry dirt (up to 85%). With an in depth understanding of your needs, we pre-vacuum using our powerful equipment and tackle all stains and spots individually to make sure no unwanted particle is left untouched. What’s more? We are fully insured and only incorporate cleaning products which are eco-friendly and certified safe for use around babies, pets and even allergic individuals.

A Bit Of Our Effective Dry Cleaning Solution

  • Our state-of-the-art equipment ensure all dirt are completely eradicated leaving your carpets super clean and dirt-free
  • We incorporate environmental-friendly and non-ionic shampoo in the cleaning process. This, alongside our specialist sponge and machines are good enough to combat any dirt or stain, no matter how stubborn.
  • To accelerate the cleaning process and leaving no residues, we can apply a stronger solution of an ionic surfactant depending on the carpet’s soiling.
  • Our machines suck out the leftover sponges, therefore a waste license isn’t required.
  • We will never leave until we can assure you a fresh smelling hygienic dry carpet!

Why Choose Oziclean For Your Dry Carpet Cleaning Needs?

With vast experience under our belt when it comes to delivering top notch dry carpet cleaning services, we have successfully put together a team of experts who are highly committed to maintaining our well-earned reputation for excellent dry carpet cleaning solutions. With us, you can be rest assured to get effective and quick solutions to the highest possible standards, no wick backs, no odours or shrinkage, fast results and turnarounds, hassle-free maintenance and an exceptional value for every penny spent!

Having dealt with all kinds of dirts, spills and stains, we have devised the perfect approach to get the most effective result without compromising your health or carpet’s quality. It’s normal to be amazed at how quick and fast our dry carpet cleaning delivery leaves your carpet fresh smelling and as good as new. On the long run, do not be surprised to find yourself doing all the marketing for us!

Professional Rug Cleaning Services

If you’re a property owner with a passion for rugs, be it Persian, Oriental or the less expensive ones, then you’d probably know the importance of a periodic rug cleaning. Rugs accumulate dirt, allergen, danders as well as pollen overtime whether or not it’s subjected to consistent usage. They gather dirt into their fibres from the air and even more rapidly when being put to use. The presence of dirt and other particles in your rug can only shorten it’s lifespan and make it highly unattractive. Now contrary to many beliefs, vacuuming your rug alone does not guarantee it free of dust, dirt and even allergens. To have your rugs super clean, healthy and safe for both you and your loved ones, hiring an expert rug cleaner is integral. And that’s exactly where we come in!

At Oziclean, we offer best-in-class rug cleaning services be it onsite or offsite to home or business owners. We have a team of cleaning technicians who have gone through rigorous training cleaning various types of rugs - from the simplest wool rugs to the most complex rugs requiring a great deal of skill and accuracy. Rug cleaning demands a spot-on pH solutions balance and is best left to be handled only by true experts. Not just any expert but ones who respect the amount invested in getting these rugs, understand its importance and treat them just like they would theirs - Oziclean. For most projects, we advise our clients to make use of one of the most effective cleaning methods - the rug steam cleaning. Using only hot water in the cleaning process, not only is the procedure eco-firendly but also leaves your rug looking fresh, clean and super attractive. Using our state-of-the-art equipment, we inject hot water deep into your rug’s fibres, loosening the dirts, dust mites and killing all germs. Upon completion, all residues are sucked out via a very powerful vacuum.

The biggest mistake any rug owner can make is hiring just any carpet cleaner for all kinds of rug. When it comes to rug cleaning, there’s nothing like a one-size-fits-all approach. Hence at Oziclean, we fully understand there are various kinds of rugs requiring varying cleaning approaches and also different kinds of stains, dirt or odours that have different removal techniques. Hence, our approach to a high quality delivery is largely dependent on your unique rug cleaning needs.

Latest review

Rob Clough Avatar
Rob Clough
I had my rangemaster oven cleaned by Alex and the work carried out is fantastic. Better than expected. Alex phoned ahead to give notice that he’d be a little earlier than arranged. He even fixed my broken oven door, which was much appreciated. The oven was in a pretty bad state, but after around 45 minutes of work, it genuinely looked like a new oven. Really really pleased with the result and for a very fair price too. Thanks Alex and Oziclean!
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Karl Moritz Avatar
Karl Moritz
Alex arrived on time he was very professional and polite. My ovens now look brand new and a very good price!! 10/10 would definitely recommend
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Olly Margrave Avatar
Olly Margrave
Alex did a quality job on my oven today, highly recommend! Will be using him in the future. Cheers mate
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